Each year after camp we review comments and issues from staff, leaders, and campers to see how we can improve camp operations. This year more than twenty issues were presented to the camping committee for their discussion and comments. Many of the issues were considered informational and no actions were necessary. Several were deemed important enough to warrant policy proposals that will be in effect during the camping season. We know that any change may meet some resistance, but the camping committee works diligently to make camp as rewarding for the scouts and leaders as possible.

In-Camp Transportation

No camper or leader 18 or over may be transported between areas of camp by any staff member or in any camp vehicle. Adults should not arrive with the expectation of being transported. Those under 18 must have a note from a medical doctor explain why transportation is necessary. That request must be approved by the camp director.

This policy does not affect ridge to parking lot driving passes nor the personal transportation vehicle policy.

Wednesday evening visitor accommodations are unaffected by this policy change.

Troop Use of Storm Shelters

No one will be allowed to erect a tent, cot or other personal accommodations other than temporary seating on top of the storm shelters. Units should be aware that they are to be available for use by all those in the campsite. Tents may not be set within 20 feet of a storm shelter.

Electrical Extension Cords in Campsites

Electricity will not be provided for individual tents and extension cords shall not be run to individual tents. Receptacles are available in the campsites for charging electronic devices but no cord or combination of chords will be allowed to extend more than six feet from the outlet.

Pre Camp Leaders Meetings

Many troops are not able to attend the Monday night pre camp leaders’ meeting either because of distance or other more urgent commitments.  The camping committee has discussed and approved me to explore the feasibility of using electronic information in lieu of a physical meeting. This would require both distribution and acquisition of certain necessary information. More material on this issue will be made available through the camp leader registration dashboard prior to camp. Please feel free to give me your thoughts on this issue.

These are only my personal summaries. The final policies will be posted as soon as possible. Any comments on these issues may be addressed to members of the camping committee, of which I am a member.

Roger Denton



A Letter From the Scout Executive

Dear Scout Leaders,

We are excited and hope to see you and your troops soon at Camp Geiger for the 2016 summer camping season! We have another exciting year planned with new programs, new merit badges, and infrastructure upgrades throughout our property.

We are very proud of Camp Geiger and what it has to offer Scouts! We value our campers and your interest in Geiger. It has been said that the secret to a great camping experience is great staff, great program and great food. We believe that and do our best to deliver that during your experience while camping with us.

Whether your troop is considering Camp Geiger for the first time or your troop has camped with us before, one thing is for sure……Our traditions and customs remain true and our vision for improvements and excitement are very forward thinking.

Thank you for your consideration and your continued support through participation in the Camp Geiger experience.

See you soon!


Alan L. Franks

Scout Executive – Pony Express Council
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