Q: How do I register?

Q: How much does Camp Geiger Cost?

A: The Camp fees for 2015 are $262 for a youth and $188 for an adult.

Fees are due in the council office on April 1st.  A minimum down payment of $100 will be required when registering a scout or adult online.  The incentive to register participants earlier is to begin signing them up for merit badges and other activities when that opens April 1st.  A scout cannot sign up for merit badges or other activities until he is registered.  Registration of participants will open on February 1st.

The balance must be paid by the due date.  The camp fee will be increased to $277 / $203 when registering after April 1st and a late fee late fee will be applied to any registration made before April 1st with an unpaid balance after the due date.  Newly crossed over scouts may be registered again this year as a “New Scout” and will not be assessed a late fee for registrations or payments made after the due date.

Q: What should I bring?

A: Click HERE to take a look at a general list of items you might want to bring.

Q: Can Leaders camp for just part of the week? Is there a reduced price?

A: Yes! Click Here for part time leader information.

Q: What time should I arrive on Sunday and leave on Saturday?

A: Sunday Check-In begins at 1:00pm. Saturday Closing Ceremony ends around 10:00am. Arrival and departure times should be coordinated with the Scout’s troop.

Q: What if the Scout needs to leave Camp at anytime during the week?

A: The Camper release form is available HERE. This form must be filled out prior to the Scout arriving to Camp and arrangements for departure/arrival times must be made with the Scout’s Unit Leaders. Scouts must be checked out and in at Headquarters anytime they leave camp during the week.

Q: What if my Troop is not attending Camp Geiger, but I would still like to come?

A: Contact the Pony Express Council Office (816-364-1523)  and they can help you make arrangements to get your Scout set up to attend camp with another troop or with a provisional troop.

Q: Can I come back for a 2nd week at Camp Geiger?

A: Of course! Many scouts find themselves not wanting to wait another year to come back to camp. Camp Geiger does offer Scouts the ability to attend for a second week during our 6th session for a discounted rate. You can contact the Pony Express office at (816)-364-1523 for more information.

Q: I’m planning on coming to camp as a Visitor on Visitors Night. Is there anything special I should do?

A: Visitors Night is on each Wednesday evening of the 6 camping sessions. Visitors are welcome to come explore camp with the Scouts and are encouraged to take in as much of the Camp Geiger experience as possible. Click Here for more information!

Q: What if my child requires medication during camp?

A: All medications should be brought in the original bottles in which they were purchased.  They may be kept at the Health Lodge, in which case they will be dispensed by the Health Lodge Medic when needed, and should be turned in on Sunday afternoon when the scout checks in at the Health Lodge.

If the medication does not require refrigeration, then the Troop may opt to keep all medications in a locked box with one of the adult leaders being in charge of dispensing.  A Medication Waiver form (click here) must be completed and submitted with the physical at the Health Lodge check-in on Sunday.

Asthma inhalers and EpiPens should stay with the scout at all times, but should noted on physical form.

All medications (and physicals) turned into the Health Lodge are returned to the Troops on Saturday morning.

Q: How much money should I bring to Camp?

A: Some Merit Badge activities do cost extra once the Scout arrives to Camp. Check your planned activity badges to see if the activities you intend to take cost extra.

There is also a Trading Post available with snacks, camping needs the Scout may have forgotten, and Camp souvenirs. Some Scouts will spend more than others at the Trading Post, but that is fairly dependent on the thriftiness of the Scout. Generally speaking, our prices are comparable to a typical price in the “outside” world (for example: t-shirts may cost anywhere from $15-$30, and ice cream/candy bars are around $1-$2)

Q: What time are meals?

A: 7:30 / 12:30 / 6:30 (6:00 on Thursday & Friday)

Q: What if I’ve lost my paperwork for a Merit Badge?

A: Camp Geiger keeps copies of all paperwork for 7 years. If you need a copy during the camping season, call the Camp number (816-364-1523). If you need a copy during the off-season, call the Council Office number (816-233-1351).

Q: Can I send my Scout mail while he’s at Camp?

A: Yes! Send mail or packages to your Scout at:

Scout’s Name & Troop Number
Camp Geiger BSA
9525 County Road 388
St. Joseph, MO 64505

Q: Can I bring my pet dog?

A: Camp Geiger does not allow any animals on camp at anytime. This also includes during Visitors night on Wednesdays.

Q: May I visit my Scout while he is at camp?

A: Visitors are always welcome at Camp Geiger. We do request that any visits be coordinated with the Scout’s adult leadership in camp prior to arrival. All visitors must check in at Camp Headquarters upon arrival. All visitors must leave by taps (10:30p) at the latest. No overnight stays are permitted for anyone not registered as a camper.

Q: May I eat a meal at camp with my Scout during the week?

A: While all efforts will be made to accommodate visitors during meals, it is entirely dependent upon available seating. When sessions are very full this may not be possible and if there is room, it may not necessarily be with the Scout’s troop. Visitors should discuss desire to attend a meal upon check-in at Camp Headquarters. Cost of meals for visitors is $5, paid in cash to the Camp Director at the beginning of the meal when it is determined that there will be seating available.