Important Dates

Tribal Feast, June 4th

Runner‘ s Retreat, Tom-Tom Beater’s Retreat, June 4th

Cub Resident Camp, June 10th-12th

First Session, June 12th-18th

Visitors Night, June 15th

Mic-O-Say Tapping Ceremony, June 16th

Second Session, June 19th-25th

Visitors Night, June 22nd

Mic-O-Say Tapping Ceremony, June 23rd

Third Session, June 26 – July 2nd

Visitors Night, June 29th

Mic-O-Say Tapping Ceremony, June 30th

Fourth Session, July 3rd-9th

Visitors Night, July 6th

Mic-O-Say Tapping Ceremony, July 7th

Fifth Session, July 10th-16th

Visitors Night, July 13th

Mic-O-Say Tapping Ceremony, July 14th

Sixth Session, July 17th-23rd

Visitors Night, July 20th

Mic-O-Say Tapping Ceremony, July 21st

Webelos Camp, July 28th-31st

PE Venture Quest, July 31st-August 5th

Mic-O-Say Pow Wow, August 5th-7th


2016 Camp Fees

The Camp fees for 2016 are $262 for a youth and $188 for an adult.

Fees are due in the council office on April 1st.  A minimum down payment of $100 will be required when registering a scout or adult online.  The incentive to register participants earlier is to begin signing them up for merit badges and other activities when that opens April 1st.  A scout cannot sign up for merit badges or other activities until he is registered.  Registration of participants will open on February 1st.

The balance must be paid by the due date.  The camp fee will be increased to $277 / $203 when registering after April 1st and a late fee late fee will be applied to any registration made before April 1st with an unpaid balance after the due date.  Newly crossed over scouts may be registered again this year as a “New Scout” and will not be assessed a late fee for registrations or payments made after the due date.


Fee Late Fee
 Youth  $262  $277
 Adult  $188  $203


In-Council scouts earning the $75 discount to their fee through their Popcorn Sale should pay $187 online and the Contingent Contact/Registration Manager should email Janice Sipes,, to have the $50 discount credited to their account.


For part-time leaders there is a fee of $44 per day, this includes 3 meals and an overnight stay. The fee is payable when registering the part-time leader online.  Two part-time leaders may share a full-time slot and will not be charged the per diem fee.  The first to arrive part-time leader should be registered as an Adult – Full Week and the second part-time leader should sign in at Headquarters when checking in to replace the first to arrive.